How Twitter was hacked

by | Aug/12/2009

What happened to Twitter can happen at any company.  The attacker exploited common problems in many corporate networks.

First, there was the problem that Twitter’s server had a password set to “password.”   Executives would find news of their own server passwords being so weak as inexcusable!  Then, there was another breach that was caused by several user blunders including using the same password at both gmail and hotmail.

Do any of your users, or you, use the same password at more than one site?  Change them. Get a password manager such as RoboForm or MyPasswordManager. A password manager remembers all your passwords for you – all you need to remember is your password to the password manager. Not perfect security, but a whole lot more secure than using the same password at more than one site! Protect yourself.


  1. Jeff

    I have 20 employees that have to access many insurance company web sites and our our agency management system which has client files and financial data. Each employee needed their own password.

    We were concerned if an employee was planning on leaving they coud access information from home.

    We developed a robo form procedure where the employees don’t know the individual password only their robo form password, and they didn’t have dial in procedure.

  2. Bernie Perry

    Your right on with this tip Mike. I started using RoboForm a few years ago – one of the best IT investements I ever made.

    Bernie Perry


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